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Dozens of healthcare workers in America have tested positive for coronavirus

Dozens of healthcare workers across the US are testing positive for coronavirus as they battle the highly-infectious disease on the front lines.

At a Chicago suburban hospital, two emergency room physicians have been diagnosed with the virus.

Meanwhile, in nearby St Louis, Missouri, two doctors associated with Washington University tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus.

And 200 people Children's Hospital have been tested for coronavirus after a doctor was confirmed to have the virus.

It comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention loosens their guidelines and says healthcare workers can work even if they've been exposed to coronavirus as long as they wear a mask.

Disneyland coronavirus closure halts visits of man who has visited everyday for 2,995 days

A die-hard Disney fan who has visited California's Disneyland theme park every day for more than eight years ended his streak just shy of 3,000 days when the park temporarily closed.

Disney announced it was temporarily closing Disneyland amid the coronavirus pandemic March 13, causing Jeff Reitz's 2,995th consecutive day at the theme park was the last of his streak.

"The streak's been ended," Reitz, 47, told the Orange County Register. "The park is closing, but the calendar is not."

Reitz said he still plans to visit the park when it reopens, but his streak is over.

"On the negative side, I didn't get to choose the end," Reitz said. "But on the positive side, I didn't have to choose the end."

Reitz said he pland to seek a Guinness World Record for his streak of Disneyland visits. He said all other frequent visitors that he's heard of ended their consecutive streaks after only a year or two.

"I'm still looking forward to coming back and having more fun, but it won't be that consecutive count anymore," Reitz said.

Eto’o emotional message to Ronaldinho as he turns 40 in jail

Samuel Eto’o posted an emotional birthday message to Ronaldinho as the Brazilian football legend spent his 40th birthday in a Paraguayan jail.

Together at Barcelona, Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho won two Champions League titles, four La Liga, one Copa del Rey and two Supercopa de Espana titles and formed a tight bond

Ronaldinho, who during his playing days starred for Barcelona and AC Milan, clocked 40 on Saturday and four-time African Player of the Year Eto’o took to his Instagram page to wish his former teammate a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday my brother,” Eto’o said in the video.

“Hello brother, I have no words, brother. I don’t even know what to say, we are talking to see how we can encourage you,”

“You are my brother, my friend. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I can only ask you to have strength and to pray a lot.

“I hope that all this can be solved soon, because you were frankly a good person and a good friend. From here, the black loves you very much and you can count on me for everything you need.

“What I can do, I will do. And if I can’t do it, I’ll ask a friend for the favour.”

Watch the video below;

COVID-19: Bayelsa bars persons coughing, sneezing from boarding buses

The Bayelsa State Government has barred persons coughing, sneezing or showing any sign of respiratory infection from boarding any commercial vehicles and boats in the state.

This was contained in a statement on Monday by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Ere Efeke, as part of measures to manage the coronavirus pandemic in the transport sector of the state.

He said that all vehicles would henceforth carry a maximum of the driver, one passenger in front seat and two passengers per seat while Keke riders would have two passengers with only the rider in front.

Efeke also said that boats were not allowed to carry more than two passengers per seat.

He further said, “All transport operators/companies are expected to have at their entrances, handwashing equipment with soaps and running water.

“All operators shall have alcohol-based sanitisers in their vehicles.

“All taxis and buses should restock their vehicles with wipes, tissues and other disposable items for use by passengers to wipe down doors and other handles.”

The government, while discouraging non-essential travels, directed the vehicle inspection officers of the ministry and the NURTW, TOAN, RTEAN “and other law enforcement agencies” to supervise, coordinate and enforce the directives.

Baker tricks Instagram with hilarious toilet roll CAKE amid coronavirus supermarket shortages

You'd be hard pressed to stroll into a supermarket and be met with an endless supply of toilet paper since the coronavirus outbreak has caused shortages across the world due to people stockpiling.

But a talented baker has used his cake-making skills to shed light of the situation by creating the most amazing cake that, from the outside  looks just like a roll of toilet paper, but once cut open reveals a mouth-watering four-tier chocolate cake

Ben Cullen, 29, from Chester, fooled his 155,000 Instagram followers when he posted a series of snaps showcasing his latest creation as he urged people to look after vulnerable members in their community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alongside the pictures of the amazing cake, he wrote: "If everyone took this pandemic as seriously as we apparently take toilet roll we've got half a chance! Look out for yourselves, your families and anyone vulnerable you can help!," while using the hashtags #toiletpaper #cake #corona

The life-like cake attracted the attention of many across social media, with a huge number of followers admitting they didn't initially realise it was a cake.

And there's very little wonder why, because like with all of Ben's cake creations, the toilet roll cake looks so real that you couldn't possibly tell it's even a cake at all until it's cut open and the edible chocolate and vanilla sponge is revealed.

Clearly impressed by the baker's skills, one person wrote: " At first I was like... who posts a f****** tissue paper!!?? Then I swiped and omfg.. A wholesome cake.. all hail bakers magic by @the_bakeking,"

While another bemused onlooker said: "Omfg!!! That looked JUST LIKE TP!!! I mean all ur stuff does but this one actually had me fooled, I though maybe this one time u posted a real item not a cake  -  LOVE IT!!!! Amazing as always!!."

And a third fab joked: " Love it! How much mate? The bog roll situation is getting bad out here."

The cake creation was also posted on Ben's Facebook page in addition to a step-by-step video detailing how he put the incredible cake together - which has since been shared almost 3,000 times across social media.

Juventus star Gonzalo Higuain broke quarantine rules in Italy to be with his mum

Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain controversially broke quarantine rules in Italy to be with his cancer-stricken mother, his brother has revealed.

The former Chelsea forward, 32, fled the coronavirus-hit country - where almost 5,000 people have died - seven days into a recommended two-week quarantine to go back to his native Argentina.

One report claimed he was stopped by police as he left Turin to travel through France and Spain in order to be at the side of his mother Nancy, although it's unclear if this was true.

Higuain's actions did leave his lawyer Rinaldo Romanelli "at the very least perplexed", and he said the frontman should have observed the quarantine guidelines.

There are conflicting reports on who gave ex-Real Madrid star Higuain permission to leave.

Romanelli claimed to be in the dark about who gave him the OK, whereas other reports in Italy say Juventus allowed Higuain to fly.

But now Higuain's brother Nicola has snapped back at Romanelli and requested privacy while they be with their mother at this difficult time.

Nicola wrote on a Facebook post: "Our mother, like so many other people in the world, is battling a disease called cancer.

"These people clearly don't care about my mother's health, they only care about mentioning the magic word that in this case is 'Higuain', that's how this business works.

"Obviously everyone knows who this message is for and I don't like to generalise.

Bus passenger coughs, collapses and dies during a stopover

A 30-year-old passenger who was aboard a Mombasa-bound bus from Nairobi is said to have collapsed and died at the Mtito Andei stopover.

According to the police report, the man started coughing, collapsed and died.

Police said the incident was reported on the wee hours of Monday morning, 2.40 am at the Mtito Andei Police Station in Kibwezi Sub-County, Makueni.

“About 2km North of the station from Nairobi towards Mombasa for a stopover, one passenger namely aged 30 years begun coughing and collapsed and passed on,” read the police report.

Public health officers in Kibwezi were mobilized to remove the body from the scene and fumigate the bus.

Preliminary investigations confirmed that the man died from a heart attack.

Ronaldinho clocks 40 in jail, celebrates mildly

Ronaldinho celebrated his 40th with a huge BBQ in jail - after receiving birthday messages from fellow Brazil icons Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos.

The Samba star was enjoying his landmark birthday in a Paraguayan prison after allegedly using a fake passport to enter the South American country.

He has been told he faces spending six months behind bars.

But he received some good news in the form of Instagram messages from his fellow 2002 World Cup winners.

Ronaldo, 43, posted a photo of himself with Ronaldinho and the caption: "Congratulations XarΓ‘ (mate)! May you overcome this difficult stage of your life with the same joy as always! #Ronaldinho40 @ronaldinho."

Carlos, 46, posted a photo of them playing in a game together, doing keepy-ups and hugging.

He wrote in his message: "Best wishes friend @ronaldinho 40 years old #happybirthday my friend."

Three doctors aged 30 and working in the same hospital test positive for coronavirus

Three junior doctors at the same NHS hospital have contracted coronavirus, it is reported.

It is believed the professionals, each aged 30, are on ventilators and are being treated by colleagues at a hospital which has not been named.

They are three of the 1,965 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the capital alone.

An insider told The Sun: “They are not in a good way and they got ill precisely because they were helping other people.

“Hopefully they are all strong enough to fight off the virus. But it serves as a warning to younger people not to be complacent.

“It is beginning to affect a lot more young people. Some will get mild symptoms — but not all will, and what has happened to the junior doctors shows that.”

More than 200 people who were diagnosed with coronavirus in the UK have since died.